Winter Landscape Holland

Schelfhout, Andreas

Green Landscape

Lhote, Andre

Young Man with a Book

Meissonier, Jean-Louis Ernest

Pure Land of Padmasumbhava

Tibet, 18th century

Sextet (Spanish Concert)

Vanloo, Louis-Michel


Bar-On, Artur

Guitar and Violin

Picasso, Pablo

Tuileries Gardens

Pissarro, Camille

In the Garden

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste


Vanloo, Carle (Charles-Andre).

Dance under the Trees

Pater, Jean-Baptiste

Portrait of a Boy with a Book

Perronneau, Jean-Baptiste

Winter Landscape

Halonen, Pekka

Breakfast with Ham

Claesz, Pieter

Madonna and the Child

Leonardo da Vinci

Buddha Amitabha

China, Tangut State of Xi -Xia, Khara-Khoto, 14th century

Lemon, Apples and Tulips

Fantin-Latour, Henri

Flying Planets

Fiume, Salvatore

Apples and Flowers

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Flowers and Birds

White, Charles

Woman with Sleeping Child

Martinez del Mazo, Juan Bautista

Flowers 1856

Saint-Jean, Simon


France, After 1833

Wedding Procession

Denis, Maurice

Maine Headland, Winter

Kent, Rockwell

Pug Dog in an Armchair

De Dreux, Alfred

Grapes in a Basket — Copy

Ring, Pieter de

Garland with a Bust of the Virgin

Verendael, Nicolaes van

Fruit in a Vase

Picasso, Pablo

Bouquet of Roses

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste