Young Man with a Book

Meissonier, Jean-Louis Ernest

Pure Land of Padmasumbhava

Tibet, 18th century

Amitabha Pure Land

Tibet, Early 19th century

Lesson of Singing

Horemans, Jan Joseph II

Lesson in Astronomy

Angeli, Giuseppe

Sextet (Spanish Concert)

Vanloo, Louis-Michel

First Steps

Gerard, Marguerite


Bar-On, Artur

Seville Still Life

Matisse, Henri

Guitar and Violin

Picasso, Pablo

In the Garden

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste


Vanloo, Carle (Charles-Andre).

Dance under the Trees

Pater, Jean-Baptiste

Birds in a Park

Hondecoeter, Melchior de

Portrait of a Boy with a Book

Perronneau, Jean-Baptiste

Still Life. Dishes

Ozenfant, Amedee


Léger, Fernand

Sacred Spring at Guidel

Denis, Maurice

Madonna and the Child

Leonardo da Vinci

Scholar at the Table

Wauters, Emile Charles

Hounds and a Magpie

Wootton, John


Le Fauconnier, Henri Victor Gabriel

Horses at the Porch

Adam, Albrecht

Flying Planets

Fiume, Salvatore

Виноград в корзине

Ринг Питер де


Crola. Georg Heinrich

Apples and Flowers

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste

Flowers Holland, 1722

Huijsum, Jan van

Dancing Girl with Castanets

Iran, First quarter of the 19th century


Potter, Paulus

Wedding Procession

Denis, Maurice

Waiting. Moulin de la Galette

Lempereur, Edmond

Pug Dog in an Armchair

De Dreux, Alfred

Hagar in the Desert

Biliverti, Giovanni

Garland with a Bust of the Virgin

Verendael, Nicolaes van

Cranes and Rising Sun

Kawabata Gyokusho

Red Dancer

Ван Донген Кес

Bouquet of Roses

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste